Upcycling through cooperation


Ilica Q-art 13.09.2020.

We are happy to have participated in the Ilica Q-art project for the second time. The Ilica project took place on September 13, 2020. Ilica Q-art deals with the transformation of abandoned public spaces in the center of  Zagreb, in its main street Ilica. Q’ART revives...

National Geographic award Žuti okvir

National Geographic award Žuti okvir

We are honored and pleased to share with you that this year we have been declared the winners of the National Geographic Magazine Croatia Žuti okvir for Sustainable Development, Science and Education for 2020 under category 10: Reducing inequality. National Geographic...

Rijeka 2020 the European Capital of Culture

Rijeka 2020 the European Capital of Culture

RoUm project "Days of the Rejected" was held in Rijeka this year as part of the European Capital of Culture program. Art workshops, workshops for children, an exhibition and a thematic discussions were held as part of Rijeka 2020. On Wednesday, September 23, 2020. at...

ROUM is a way of producing stuff that can be applied in many sectors and many things. Ecological awareness is present through upcycling, Social awareness is present by providing equal opportunities to the marginalized communities and the most important thing is that ROUM includes education for the youngest ones. In short, you need to live ROUM.
Siniša Senad Musić, team ROUM

ROUM is a space of solidarity and belief that when we learn from each other and when we work together, everything we touch, increases in value.
Tamara Puhovski, team ROUM

The idea of creating sculptures out of discarded objects is an art and those unique pieces can bring magic in your life. ROUM has its own soul.
Jana Topić, team ROUM

What a beautiful, and magnificent work. Giving Life to what was once discarded. Nothing on this Planet is garbage. Reusing stuff is the way to go, especially if we want to achieve Sustainable Life.
Marko Capek, initiative Sustainable Life

ROUM is a project under the Romska organizacija mladih Hrvatske (Roma Youth Organization of Croatia – ROM HR). Roma Youth Organization of Croatia is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 with the mission to promote educational, social, and cultural aspects of young Roma. It gives the opportunity to young Roma to raise their participation in creating youth and Roma policies and to be promoters of Roma inclusion and active citizenship. By GETTING A ROUM or by donating you are helping in keeping our work going.