Rijeka 2020 the European Capital of Culture

RoUm project “Days of the Rejected” was held in Rijeka this year as part of the European Capital of Culture program. Art workshops, workshops for children, an exhibition and a thematic discussions were held as part of Rijeka 2020.

On Wednesday, September 23, 2020. at 11 a.m. an exhibition of over 30 works of art produced at RoUm production workshops was set up at Export on the Delta. The curator of the exhibition was Jana Topić. The exhibition at Export was open until October 1, 2020. Admission to the exhibition was free. At the exhibition you could look around, touch, take pictures with our unique works of art.  The host of the exhibition was Đemka Toskić, one of our assistants at the workshop. With Đemka you could go through the whole exhibition, she answered all the questions related to our works and she talked about how certain works were created.

Production workshops were held on September 24 at the RI: Use Center on Delta 5, under the sponsorship of the Association of “Molekula”. The workshops were held by artists Milan Mitrović, Jana Topić and Muhamed Husejni in collaboration with young Roma women Sandra Bogdan and two Roma men Sinan Ibishi and Sultan Ibishi, from Rijeka. Also Vera Vrbanić was working with us. She is a volunteer from The Youth Initiative for Human Rights, from Zagreb.

The workshop lasted for two days and with a lot of effort, imagination and ideas, 9 unique products were created. Products were made of the discarded objects they found in the dump next to the RI: Use center.

UAs part of Rijeka 2020 an Up Talk event was held on Friday, September 25, from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm at the Palach Youth Cultural Center (Kružna 8, Rijeka). An Up Talk was about a discussion on the development of RoUm and the power of art on social change.

Participants in the conversation were: Vinay Gupta, head of Mettereum, which uses blockchain technology in the exchange of goods; James Hater, who talked about RoUm works of art archived with blockchain technology; Tamara Puhovski, initiator of RoUm ideas; RoUm artists Milan Mitrović, who spoke about the perspective from the artistic side and the work and growth of the RoUm and Siniša-Senad Musić, leader of the RoUm, who spoke about the development of digital storytelling and its application in workshops and the inclusion of Roma children and making this type of technology available to them. The moderator of the conversation was Vinko Golembiowski.

You can watch the whole Up Talk event at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clKkb1jxR-Q 

In this gallery you can see some parts of the exhibition. All our products are 100% unique.

Here you can see what the creation of our products looked like.