ROUM is our very own discarded objects rescue center, where Roma and artists come together to make interior design pieces out of discarded objects.
ROUM enterprise is based on learning from Roma communities which have a long tradition of reusing, rethinking and upcycling discarded objects, preserving traditional crafts and trades, showing great entrepreneurship skills and as a community reducing the amount of waste in our societies.
​We take the Roma tradition and community entrepreneurship, we apply a lot of arts, add a sprinkle of new technologies and digital communication, and voila! We bring the forgotten and discarded from the margins to the very heart of the society.
We transform trash into applied art and unique pieces for interior design. We save and adopt discarded objects, or your old things and furniture, giving them a new life and a unique look. We then send them to your home, office or a hotel, airbnb or any other venue.
All the pieces are one of the kind and have a minimal price. We operate as a social entrepreneurship and use the funds from the sales to keep the idea and production going. We promise to never charge 9,99 but do feel free to round up!

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How things are made

All our products are over 95% upcycled (we make art out of waste and therefore only the light balbs, cords, screws and paint are not up-cycled). We create our pieces in workshops with Roma and artists, we believe that the discrimination of Roma that pushed us into being the designated group to deal with waste can be used as social capital for our participation and entrepreneurship. We create unique pieces and tell their stories in order to help people connect with the things they own, not throw them away or buy new ones, we wish to change ourselves as buyers and reduce consumerism.

ROUM is a project under the Romska organizacija mladih Hrvatske (Roma Youth Organization of Croatia – ROM HR). Roma Youth Organization of Croatia is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 with the mission to promote educational, social, and cultural aspects of young Roma. It gives the opportunity to young Roma to raise their participation in creating youth and Roma policies and to be promoters of Roma inclusion and active citizenship. By GETTING A ROUM or by donating you are helping in keeping our work going.

Roma Youth Organization of Croatia (ROM HR) advocates for the inclusion of Roma in society by taking care of the specific needs of additionally marginalized groups within Roma society, such as young people, women, and children! ROM HR was created by expanding the activities of the Roma Youth Association of Brodsko-posavska County, which until then operated at the regional level. Roma HR operates at the national level, but at the same time supports regional/local initiatives through its network of members and employees. ROM HR brings together Roma and members of other nationalities who stand for our goals. ROM HR has a minimum of 50% Roma, youth, and women in its membership and Assembly.

Our Mission:
A society devoid of manifestations of anti-Gypsyism and discrimination in general. A society in which young Roma have a high participation in the creation of policies for young people and policies for Roma. A Roma society that has preserved all the features of its identity and in which equality by age and gender reigns. A society in which all children realize their potential.

Our vision:
ROM HR is an organization that advocates for quality, integrated, and regular education of children from the earliest age. Through its activities, it empowers young Roma women, so that they can create answers to the needs of young Roma women, in all areas. Increases the competitiveness of young Roma women_in the labor market by combating manifestations of anti-Gypsyism and encouraging formal and non-formal education. By gaining the autonomy of individuals, we create a Roma society, which contributes to the Roma community and the local/regional, ie national community.